Guatemala Education Project

Give the gift of education to an underprivileged Guatemalan Child

This Christmas give every one in your list a gift of hope.

 If you want to give a very meaningful gift to some one you love, may we suggest helping a child in Guatemala in the name of your loved one.

  Guatemala is a place where a small contribution can make a big difference, especially if the contribution is invested in a child’s education.







                                                                                         Wilmer (in the centre) is one of our students

 Here are some of the choices:


1. Where is most needed               from $25 to what you wish.

2. A pair of shoes                         $20 (this one is not tax deductible)

3. Breakfast for half a year            $100   (for one child)

4. Transportation for half a year     $150

5. School Uniforms for the year      $67

6. School supplies for the year        $85

7. 2 medical check ups a year         $40

8. An extra teacher for 1 month      $435


·         Your loved one will receive an electronic Christmas card telling them about your gift.

·         All contributions above $25 are Tax deductible through “Doctors in Action”

         registered Charity # 69569418:

·         Below there are instructions on how to send us your donation.








 Wilmer learning how to read with one of our Canadian volunteers





How to send us your donations

 1. You can send use our giving page at Canada Helps through the link below



2. Payments using Cheques:

a. Make your Cheque to:
                                       Medicos en Accion

b. Write on the memo part of the cheque:
                                                                        for  My Melody School

c. Send the cheque to the following address:

    Medicos en Accion
    c/o Dennis Wallis
    450 Greenstone Drive
    Kamloops BC  V2C 1N9

d. With the cheque, send a small note with your name and address so that Dennis can send you your tax receipt.

e. Email us ( when you have sent it and let me know the following:

  • What gift you chose,
  • The amount of the donation, 
  • Your name and shipping address so we can send you your Christmas card.


It will have a picture of one of our sponsored children enjoying your gift of education at My Melody school.


 If you have any questions please write to us at: