Guatemala Education Project


Fabiola is a lively 4 year old Maya Kaqchikel girl from Chimaltenango Guatemala. She lives with her parents and 6 siblings.


Fabiola’s mother went to school up to grade 3 only. Once children are of a certain age the parents prefer that they work or help around the home. The result is that she has very little education. Now she is a house wife and takes care of the children, cleans, cooks, washes clothes, and sells tortillas to make some money.

I think Fabiola was going to start working very young as well and would follow the same path as her mother.

 Fabiola’s father went to school up to grade 3 as well. His mother got sick and died when he was about 8 years old. His father died when he was very young. He was an orphan since he was around 13 years old and had to work on any thing available to feed himself.

Now Fabiola’s father is a baker in Guatemala city which is 54Km from Chimaltenango. He works the night shift and comes home to sleep during the day.





 Here is Fabiola with her mother and 3 siblings at home. The home has two rooms, one is a bedroom and the other one is where they eat. The yellow “pila”, is where the mother washes the dishes and the clothes. To the right, with the white curtain is the washroom.









The mother sells tortillas to make some money. Every thing is done manually.

To make a tortilla the women first soften the corn by putting it into a mixture of calcium and water. Then they grind it manually using a stone called a “metate”. With the resulting paste they make circles which then are placed in the fire to cook.





 Fabiola is adapting to school very quickly. She enjoys the games, the songs, and playing with the other children. You can see that she is already participating in class the same as the other children.

(The  arrow is pointing at her).





Fabiola is only 4 years old so we will be able to start her education right from the beginning. We will be able to teach her good health habits, self esteem, to socialize, to be proud of her Mayan heritage and by the time she is six she will be able to read, write and do basic math at a much higher level than most of Guatemala’s children. Best of all she will have developed a love for learning that will keep her in school for the rest of her life.

 All of the above will be accomplished through games, music, theater, dance and lots of love.

Our goal is that Fabiola will break out of the cycle of poverty through education and that she will bring up her whole family along with her. Fabiola has plenty of potential, all she needs is an opportunity and thanks to you she is getting one.