Guatemala Education Project

My Melody School

 We have a school that for now is for children between 2 and 6 years old and in 2012 we will offer elementary school as well. So that the children that have scholarships can continue with us. This year we had 65 students and 26 of them are sponsored by people in Canada.


 Here is a picture showing the classrooms at the back, and as you can see the children have plenty of space to play and exercise in.









Our philosophy is to bring high quality education to children in an entertaining and fun way.                                    We do this through games, poetry, music, dance, computers, theatre, etc. All of which motivate our children to learn.


 We use computers to teach the children to math, reading, logic, english, etc.

Here we have a 3 year old building a puzzle and at the same time learning the number 2.







 This is one of our history lessons, the 5 and 6 year olds are presenting a very important part of our history while the rest of the school watches.










 We use our garden to teach the children about plants, animals and to take care of our environment.
























We have many fun activities for the children during the year. This is a picture of the reaction of the children to a puppet show that teaches them not to throw garbage on the floor.


 We encourage our children to do a lot of physical activities.











From a very early age our students are encouraged to express themselves and participate. Here they were asked to growl like the "lion" does. 










Our students start the reading process when they are 4, they learn the vowels, some consonants and they are able to read words like: mami, susi, etc.

This is all done through stories, songs and games. The children learn how to read without even noticing it.







 By the time our children are 5, they already know how to read, write, add, subtract and many other things.











 We do 4 theater presentations every year and the result is that the children become very confident and are able to speak, act, dance in public.

This is an ancient Maya play called Rabinal Achi








 This is our end of year presentation of the Nut Cracker.

From the time our children are 2 they get used to presenting in front of 200 adults.