Guatemala Education Project

How to sponsor a Child


My Melody School is a not-for-profit organization and in conjunction with Medicos en Accion, based in Kamloops B.C. (Doctors in Action, registered Charity # 69569418: offer an early childhood education program for children from the age of two.

 By having their education sponsored, our children have a chance to get out of the cycle of poverty. The education they receive is among the best in our province and up until recently, was only given to the privileged upper middle class children that could afford it.

Our children will graduate at 6 years of age from preschool with a huge advantage over the vast majority of Guatemalan children. They will already know how to read and write, something that over 47% of the Maya population never gets to achieve.

Sponsorship for a child includes:

1. Registration and all fees for the child to attend school.

2. School Uniforms

3. All school supplies for the child.

4. A nutritious breakfast.

5. Individualized tutoring

6. It may also include shoes, extra uniforms, transportation to school,  and medical help. This depends on the individual needs of the child.



 Lead sponsorship:

US $70 or more per month. A Lead sponsor is the only sponsor for a child (please see our budget below).


Guiding sponsorship:

US $35 or more per month. A Child may have only two Guiding sponsors.


All contributions are tax deductible through “Medicos en Accion”.


We also accept larger donations, one time donations and volunteer work.

Ask us for details about other ways to contribute.


You will receive:

1.  A profile of your sponsored child

2.  3 reports on the progress of your sponsored child per year

3.  Arrangements can also be made for you to come and visit your sponsored child.

4.  Most importantly, you will receive the gratitude and love from the child and their family



If you are interested in sponsoring a Guatemalan child please contact us at:



How to send us your donations


 A       On line through our Canada Helps  giving page


1. Make your Cheque to:
                                       Medicos en Accion

2. Write on the memo part of the cheque:
                                                                        for  My Melody School

4. Send the cheque to the following address:

    Medicos en Accion
    c/o Dennis Wallis
    450 Greenstone Drive
    Kamloops BC  V2C 1N9

5. With the cheque, send a small note with your name and address so that Dennis can send you your TAX RECEIPT.

6. Email us when you have sent it and let me know the following:

  • The amount of the donation, 
  • The name and address of the person who is receiving the tax receipt.


7. If you want to make monthly contributions email us and we will send you information on how to do it.



How does your donation get invested


Salaries                        $30 000           for 4 teachers, 1 care taker, 1 principal

                                                            We each make about $5000 a year

 School expenses          $10 000           Water, electricity, phone, garbage pick up,etc

                                                            School maintenance: painting, new equipment, repairs, etc.


Total education costs  $40 000           For the year.


Children                      65                    Since our students are 2 to 6 years old, 4 teachers can only take care of

                                                            65 students as younger children require a lot of care.


Education cost per student is:  $40 000 / 65    =    $615/student a year

 Breakfast, uniforms, healthcare, school supplies, etc = $390 (per child per year, approximatelay).

So the cost of education plus "care" per child per year is $1005


The $840 that we charge a year does not cover all the expenses so we make it up with one time donations and the Christmas gifts.